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Change and Loss

Change or loss is inevitable and something we all experience. It can be painful and lonely, or unsettling. Are you struggling to accommodate the change or loss into your life? Are you struggling to cope and feeling anxious, afraid or lost?


Many different situations we find ourselves in involve change or loss.  The obvious loss is the death of a loved one.  This can be a person in your life or a pet.  Loss or change could be about your home or the loss of something meaningful and important in your life that is not a person. Change or loss can also be related to your thoughts about yourself, how you see yourself in the world and in relation to others.  Have you lost your sense of worth?  Has there been a change in your relationships affecting your beliefs or feelings about yourself or others?  Are your feelings overwhelming you or are you at a loss on how to process these?  Do you have long term medical conditions that impact on your emotional well-being? Has there been a change in your working situation?  This doesn’t have to be redundancy or termination of employment.  Changes in working practices can have a huge impact on your well-being and sense of self-worth.  Any of these situations can generate loss.  These changes can happen at any time in our lives, though the impact of them can stay with us for years.

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