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Trauma is an emotional response to an event such as an accident, rape, or natural disaster. It can also relate to a situation such as bullying, harassment, domestic violence, violence or crime.  Longer term reactions include unpredictable emotions such as fear or anger,  dissociation, flashbacks, strained relationships, or physical symptoms like headaches or nausea, self-harm, pain, and unusual body sensations


Trauma or traumatic events can seriously impact our well-being and the vulnerability this leaves us with can impact many different aspects of our self, body, life or those around us.  We react in many different ways to traumatic events and situations.  What is trauma? The most obvious is an accident, violence, domestic violence, rape, sexual abuse, though a traumatic reaction can be experienced through other events that have meaning to us and impacted us psychologically.  Maybe a work experience, relationship, family or friendship issue has impacted you in an adverse way.  The importance is that your experience is unique to you.  Some general symptoms of trauma are flashbacks, triggers which bring about an adverse reaction to something in the present which reminds you of the past, disturbed dreams, low self-worth.  There are many ways to react to trauma and each person has a unique experience that can be explored. 

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