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Depression is often debilitating to the person who is experiencing it and can range from mild to severe in intensity, sometimes leading to suicidal thoughts or self-harm.


Depression can affect anyone at anytime of their lives and once experienced, it can be difficult to manage day to day tasks, can affect your self-worth and what you believe about yourself.  Each person’s experience of depression is unique to them.

I can support you to talk about your experience and explore the meaning depression has for you.  Depression and anxiety can affect how you see yourself, others and the world around you, leaving little energy for the day to day tasks and activities.  Sometimes, like anxiety, depression is hidden from those around you.  Do you feel alone and unable to speak about this to others around you?  I can offer a safe and confidential space to explore your experience.  No issue is too big or too small as it is important to me how your experience is affecting you.

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