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How do I choose a counsellor?

Finding the right counsellor is important and the relationship plays a huge part in the process.  Look at the profiles of a few before arranging a first appointment.  With me, there is no obligations to commit to future sessions if you feel we are not the right fit.

Is there a minimum amount of sessions I have to have?

Usually to have therapeutic benefit, a number of sessions may be required for you to notice a change.  This can vary depending on your process and what you want from counselling.   I work with clients weekly or fortnightly depending on your preference.  One week's notice is required should you decide to end sessions.

What are your fees?

My fees are £45 for an individual session and £60 for a couples session. Each session is 50 mins.

Is there a cancellation policy for appointments?

If you cancel within the 48 hours notice period, a fee is charged. If the session is cancelled with 24 hours notice or less, the full fee is charged.  If the session was meant to be held face-to-face and either person can not attend the session in person, the session may be moved to online or telephone means depending on the reason for cancellation. I understand that there may be times when the session will need to be cancelled due to extenuating circumstances. Session fees and rearranging of the sessions will be discussed on a person-by-person basis.

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