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Sharon Turner

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I believe counselling can be transformative and we all have inner resources to empower us and promote change.  I love walking in nature and especially love dragonflies and butterflies as they signify transformation.  This links to my belief; that we all have the power to bring about change, though we can all struggle to navigate this alone sometimes.  Difficulties may be more about coming to terms with who we are now, what is happening now, what has happened before, or about the future.  I believe counselling can help support us and feel connected to all that has been before, ground us in the now and prepared us for the future.

I am a musician with over 40 years’ experience and understand the power music can have on well-being.  Music connects to emotions and feelings which can be used therapeutically to enhance or soothe and this is something I enjoy immensely.  

I am interested in how the relationship with self is influenced by past experience and how this can impact on self-belief, self-worth, and affect relationships in the present.  Our relationship with ourselves, history, communication and needs, play a huge part in behaviour and impacts on other relationships too.  My interest in this led me to training as a couples counsellor where I now integrate my knowledge of working with couples over all aspects of my work, both with individuals and with couples.  
I enjoy working with a diverse client base and helping them to explore whatever is challenging them.  No issue is too big or too small if it is important to you as I value the unique narrative each client has and how this affects them as individuals.


I started counselling individuals in 2015 and have worked in private practice since 2018 after achieving a BA (Hons) degree in Humanistic Counselling Practices.  I have experience helping clients with issues around grief, loss and change, anxiety, depression, work related stress and also help couples and individuals with communication, difference, conflict, sexual issues and affairs. 
I counselled adults within an NHS setting for several years working with clients who have a life limiting condition.  
I have counselled clients who experienced rape or sexual abuse for 6 years, previously working in a university setting and within a charity setting, continuing to work with clients who have experienced this within my private practice today. 
I have experience working with a range of issues that clients bring to therapy, which gives me a breadth of experience working with many different mental health issues such as anxiety, depressions, low self-esteem and low self-worth, anger and shame.  
I have an COSRT Approved Advanced Certificate in Couples Counselling which allows me to have an integrative approach and at times be more directive with couples than my individual approach.  
I have engaged in additional training days (CPD) around trauma to help me promote change and stabilisation for clients who experience panic attacks, flashbacks, dissociation, have experienced abuse and may be struggling with triggers in the present related to experiences in their past.  I have also engaged in additional CPD around loss and grief to gain a wider knowledge around the different types of loss which can be experienced. 

How I Can Support You

I work with adults across all ages working with individuals, couples, EAP companies and charities offering a confidential face to face, webcam and telephone counselling service. I work with grief, loss, trauma, anxiety, depression, work related stress and coping with change.   Focusing on you and your experience, using a variety of tools to help you whatever your difficulties, my approach is tailored to your individual or couple needs. I work with both short-term and long-term clients.  Through our relationship we can look at building your resilience to cope with life's challenges and losses; to make sense of your experience. You choose what you want to bring to our sessions and no issue is too big or too small if it matters to you. I offer a safe and confidential space to explore issues that are unique to each client with warmth, empathy and through a non-judgmental relationship to empower you to explore issues that are important to you.

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